International Tax & Compliance Handbook

• Practical examples
• Forms, templates and checklists
• Tax treaties
• Specific section on India- US taxation


This book is dedicated to my parents Albert and Josephine Nazareth who sacrificed a lot to give me great education and left me a few words of wisdom

“Always give more than you get”

“Challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable”

“Inspire, motivate and bring out the best in yourself and others”

To my loving wife Lumina, who is my pride and my joy and supported me throughout my journey especially when things got rough and to my loving kids Marc and Joanne who supported and encouraged me to write this book.

To my elder siblings Clem, Noreen, Chris, and Rose, who were trailblazers and paved the way for me to succeed. Clem and Chris are also CPAs and have enlightened me along the way.

Thanks to all my professors and teachers who encouraged me throughout my academic journey. Special thanks to my mentors Sid Kess JD, CPA, LLM and Dr. Paden Neeley.

Thanks to Fordham University for giving me the opportunity to teach both graduate and undergraduate courses and make a difference. Professor Yusif Simaan who was my professor and encouraged me to become a professor, and Professor Alan Schiff retired chair of the Accounting department.

Finally, thanks to my editor Hank Berkowitz, whose weekly schedule kept me on target and also encouraged me to decode all the knowledge stored in my head

This ebook is being released on December 13, 2017 to commemorate my DAD’s birthday.

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Chapter 1 – An overview of International taxation and Taxing Jurisdiction and Philosophy

1.01 Overview
1.02 Often omitted international tax forms
1.03 International taxes – overview – credit system vs territorial system

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Chapter 2 – Residency & filing status – Filing thresholds

2.01 US Residency
2.02 US taxes entity classification
2.03 FBAR and FATCA

Chapter 3 – Source of income rules & taxability

3.01 Sources of Income

Chapter 4 – Allocation and Apportionment of Expenses

4.01 Effectively connected business
4.02 Permanent establishment
4.03 Deduction and expenses
4.04 Process of Allocation and apportionment

Chapter 5 – Foreign Tax Credits (FTC)

5.01 Foreign tax credits and limitations
5.02 Carry back and carry forward of FTC

Chapter 6 – US taxation of outbound (foreign) transactions

6.01 Clarification of outbound transactions
6.02 Controlled Foreign corporation (CFC)
6.03 Sub part F Income
6.04 Foreign earned income exclusion
6.05 Passive Foreign Investment Company (PFIC )

Chapter 7 – US Inbound transactions

7.01 Sourcing of Income
7.02 US trade or business
7.03 Effectively Connected Income (ECI)
7.04 Branch Profit Tax (BPT)

Chapter 8 – Real estate owned & rental income

10.01 Overview of Real Estate taxation
10.02 Purchase and structure of Real estate transactions
10.03 Managing Real estate
10.04 Selling Real Estate
10.05 Tax consequences

Chapter 9 – Transfer Pricing

9.01 – Different methods of Transfer Pricing
9.02 Penalties

Chapter 10 – International tax treaties

8.01 – Overview
8.02 – International tax treaties
8.03 – Fixed, Determinable, Annual and Periodic (FDAP)

Chapter 11 – India-US tax issues

11.01 – Indian tax return
11.02 – Categories of Income
11.03 Tax deducted at source (TDS)
11.04 Foreign Tax credits
11.05 Property guide for NRI (Non-Resident Indians)

Chapter 12 – FATCA, FBAR, OVDI and Form 8938

12.01 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
12.02 Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
12.03 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI)
12.04 Form 8938
12.05 Inter-Governmental Agreements

Chapter 13 – US tax proposed major tax overhaul – 2017

13.01 Major PROPOSED US tax law changes
13.02 Year-end tax planning
13.03 International tax law changes
13.04 Estate and gift tax

Forms and Checklists

A. IRS Forms – International tax forms
B. Templates & Checklists
C. India-US Tax treaty
D. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
· Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR),
· Form 8938
· OVDI template
E. Differences between US taxes and Indian taxes

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