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Finally, all high-quality global accounting standards in one convenient place.

As the world grows more connected, global accounting standards are converging. Top U.S. accountants know it’s essential to understand IFRS and non-U.S. accountants know they must understand the nuances of US GAAP if they are advising clients who do business across borders. 

Global Accounting: 2021 and Beyond helps financial professionals understand the similarities and differences between US GAAP and IFRS. As a result, they’re better equipped to advise foreign corporations operating in the U.S. and U.S. companies operating abroad.

Written by Cecil Nazareth, the widely-respected leader in international tax and accounting.

Cecil has extensive experience in international tax and accounting, particularly for SME companies, subsidiaries of foreign parents, and high net worth families in India and the United States. He’s a highly sought-after speaker and university professor for both national and international locations. Tax firms around the world call Cecil to conduct sessions for their teams. He’s also the author of International Tax & Compliance Handbook.

His expertise can now sit on your desk, available whenever you need it. Get your copy of Global Accounting: 2021 and Beyond and have instant access to a global thought leader in international accounting.

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  • Many in the USA assume IFRS is not widely used in the USA. That’s a false narrative. IFRS is used in the USA by subsidiaries owned by non-USA companies, it’s used for filings with the SEC for foreign companies dual-listed in the USA and private companies in the USA have the choice if they desire to use IFRS.

    Cecil brings it to life with solid examples and also helps readers understand why accounting fuels the economies of the world through confidence and capital flows.

    — Barry Melancon, AICPA President

  • Cecil is always ahead of the curve, writing and speaking in an understandable way, about the most relevant topics in the profession. In his latest book, he combines IFRS and U.S. GAAP into one unique resource. For any CFO or accounting professional dealing with international accounting and tax issues, Global Accounting: 2021 & Beyond is a must-have guide.

    — Gale Crosley, CPA
    Crosley+Company, Growth & Innovation Strategy Consultant

Global Accounting: 2021 and Beyond covers everything you need to know.


1. Financial statement presentation
1.01 Background and conceptual framework
1.02 Accounting policies
1.03 Complete set of financial statements
1.04 Balance sheet, Income statement, Statement of Cash flows,
Statement of changes in Equity and Notes to the financial statements
1.05 Definitions of Assets, Liabilities and Equity
1.06 Cash vs. the accrual system of accounting
2. Revenue Recognition standard
2.01 Importance of Revenue Recognition standard
2.02 SEC rules for Revenue Recognition
2.03 Revenue recognition standard
3. Statement of Cash flows and Operating Segments & Subsequent events
3.01 What is a Statement of Cash flows?
3.02 How do you prepare a Statement of Cash Flows
4. Relationship between the financials, Inventory, Non-current Assets held for sale & Discontinued operations
4.01 Relationship between the financials
4.02 Inventory
4.03 Non-current assets held for sale
4.04 Discontinued Operations
5. Employee Benefits and Retirement plans
5.01 Employee Benefits
5.02 Retirement plans
6. Provisions and Contingencies and leases
6.01 Provisions and Contingencies
6.02 Leases
7. Income taxes and Intangibles
7.01 Income taxes
7.02 Deferred income taxes
7.03 Intangibles
7.04 Amortization of Intangibles
8. Impairment and Goodwill
8.01 Impairment
8.02 Goodwill computation
8.03 Impairment of Goodwill
9. Business Combinations and Consolidations
9.01 Business Combinations
9.01 Consolidations
9.01 Associates and Joint Ventures
10. Property, Plant and Equipment, Foreign Exchange, EPS and Shared based payments
10.01 Property plant and Equipment
10.02 Component Depreciation
10.03 Foreign currency translation
10.04 Earnings per share (EPS) – basic and diluted
10.05 Share-based payments
11. Financial Instruments
11.01 Fair Value Hierarchy
11.02 Risk disclosure
11.03 Recognition, classification and measurement
11.04 Hedge accounting
11.05 Derivatives
11.06 Current expected credit losses (‘CECL”)
11.07 Financial instrument impairment and losses
12. Interim financials, Related party disclosures, First time adoption and Change Management
12.01 Interim Financial statements
12.02 Related Party transactions
12.03 First-time adoption (‘FTA”)
12.04 Change Management
13. Difference Between U.S. GAAP and Financial ratios
13.01 Differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP
13.02 Selected important financial ratios

– Sample set of Financial statements – private company
– Sample set of financial statements – public company


The reference guide to become confident in global accounting.

As the world gets more connected, tax issues get more complicated. Global Accounting: 2021 and Beyond clarifies the complexity. Become more confident and be better prepared to work with international clients.


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