Nazareth can provide services to just about any individual or business, but here are some of our most common types of clients:

Medical Practices

Real Estate Companies

Technology Companies

High Net Worth Individuals

Medical Practices.

Operating a medical practice not only requires treating patients but also dealing with accounting and tax issues. It is critical for health centers to monitor and have full accountability on their financial controls to ensure the business thrives while staying in compliance. Medical practices need trustworthy tax and accounting consultants who will manage their accounting and structure tax strategies solutions so that the business profits. Precise taxation plans are also essential for medical practices.

How We Serve Them

At Nazareth, we understand the financial ramifications of the medical industry and can provide the support you need to maintain financial stability in today’s competitive market. We take the time to understand your practice in an effort to offer relevant, practical and beneficial business advice to achieve your strategic objectives. We understand optimal cost structures for healthcare practices and will work with you to minimize costs and maximize profits. Our company can help manage cash flow, deliver well-organized financial statements and offer proactive guidance so your practice can flourish.

Real Estate.

Real estate companies deal with large financial transactions requiring skilled accountants and consultants to assist with the finances. Not only is there a need to manage everyday accounting and compliance issues, but strategies must also be in place to help reduce your tax obligations, realize efficiencies and foster long-term success. Real estate focused accounting and tax services offer competitive solutions and advisory services for real estate owners, developers, investors and real estate companies.

How We Serve Them

At Nazareth, we’ve worked with countless real estate companies and routinely find practical solutions for them to minimize risk, lower costs, and stabilize cash flow so they can maintain profitability through ups and downs. We offer a unique perspective on real estate tax strategies and accounting because our team has worked with leading industry professionals for the last 30 years. Specialized accounting requirements for construction businesses are always a burden on owners. Our team is well aware of these can produce accurate financial statements.

Technology Companies.

In an environment marked by shifting regulations and business models, strong accounting practices and access to capital are more important than ever. In order to remain profitable, you must capitalize on market opportunities and sustain growth in an increasingly global marketplace. Tech companies face issues with revenue recognition, inventory valuation and obsolescence, debt and equity financings, and fair value accounting. Financial and accounting consultants can provide technology companies with support to handle these types of concerns.

How we serve them

At Nazareth, we’re ready to meet the changing tax and accounting needs of your technology business. Our team has extensive experience working with tech companies in the U.S. as well as India and can put that knowledge to work in ways that will maximize your profits. We’ll go beyond traditional accounting and tax services and address the issues unique to high-growth tech companies. Nazareth can help your company reduce tax liability, manage mergers and acquisitions, and comply with the various tax legalities and complexities.

High Net Worth Individuals.

Proactive tax planning is critical to managing taxes and maximizing assets for high net worth individuals. In a new world of investment choices and wealth planning issues, it can be difficult to optimize your tax savings, preserve and build your capital, and enhance your financial future. That’s why it’s important to include an experienced professional who not only explains the options available to you, but also takes the time to understand your short and long-term goals and work with you to achieve them.

How we serve them

Nazareth provides comprehensive solutions to international tax and wealth issues facing the world’s high net worth individuals. We work with high net worth clients to understand and anticipate their financial needs, and inform them of opportunities that are advantageous to their situation. Our comprehensive tax services to high net worth individuals include income tax planning, tax return preparation, and innovative estate planning strategies. Our approach is multidisciplinary, combining expertise in taxation, financial planning and estate planning.


“Over 5 years ago, I was introduced to Cecil Nazareth, by my Financial Advisor.

My parents had left me some assets, in India, which required navigating complex Tax reporting requirements in both countries.

With experience in both U. S. and India Tax laws, Cecil and his Firm have been extremely helpful with both Tax planning and reporting for us.
Many of us who have settled here are in a similar situation and I have taken the liberty of recommending him to my friends & acquaintances.”Sudhir Bansal

“We have been a client of Nazareth CAs & CPAs for over three years now and are very pleased with our relationship with them. We work directly with Cecil who has proven over the years that he’s not just an expert with accounting, tax planning and tax filing but also a very amiable, courteous and patient individual.

He’s very easy to work with. He asks the right questions and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that his clients understand and claim all the tax deductions applicable to them. He is able to come up with creative and tailor made strategies for each client because he puts in the effort to understand his clients, their personalities and most importantly, the nuances of their business (with corporate clients).

We highly recommend Cecil and Nazareth CAs & CPAs for your accounting, auditing and tax consulting needs.”Sid Poonja (Owner, Vaman Tech Inc [IT Consulting])& Seema Rai (Owner, Seema Rai MD PC, Infectious Diseases practice)

International Tax & Compliance Handbook

Special Emphasis on India-US Taxes

Forward by Sidney Kess, CPA, J.D (HARVARD) ., LLM
Cecil Nazareth ACA, CPA, MBA has an outstanding worldwide reputation as a teacher, lecturer, practitioner and mentor. He has led hundreds of training sessions and seminars about international tax and accounting and he has helped countless young professionals advance their careers in the CPA profession.

In today’s hyper-speed global economy, every practitioner should have a basic understanding of international tax regulations. The rules change constantly and the penalties for non-compliance are steep as all too many have learned via Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) has taught us.
All business is global. Unfortunately, the severe shortage of knowledgeable international tax professionals leads to poor decisions and non-compliance at both the personal and corporate level. Due to a lack of resources and understanding, non-compliance can be both voluntary and involuntary. Thanks to thought leaders like Cecil Nazareth, however, the knowledge void is being filled.

I highly recommend Nazareth’s book to both tax practitioners and individuals who need a basic understanding of International tax issues or cross-border transactions. This publication could not have come at a better time!

International tax compliance has become a major focus for the IRS and for intergovernmental agencies. The Panama Papers and the Paradise Papers are just two high-profile examples of the increased spotlight on international tax havens.
International tax and compliance handbook is an excellent introduction to international taxation with a special emphasis on India-U.S. taxation and international real estate.

Nazareth’s book is intended as a handbook for those engaged in international transactions. Rather than a textbook, International tax and compliance handbook is a light read and resource for people who want to get up to speed quickly on international tax rules and compliance. The forms and templates are helpful to practitioners and the book is chock full of useful tips, charts and real-world client examples drawn from Nazareth’s 30 years in the CPA profession.

I look forward to future updates of this body of work. It is a significant contribution to our profession.

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